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The Washington Author Adventures Trail runs north-south between Seattle and Tacoma with one stop in Puyallup.

Washington’s literary history is in action right now as several current authors make the state their home, including Sherman Alexie and Rick Steves. However, since we focus on historical landmarks, the Author Adventures trail includes a 19th century town founder and preserver of the Oregon Trail, a prize-winning peace activist, and a best-selling science fiction writer. All three lived long and robust lives, and left a legacy of popular books.

Since two of the five stops are outdoors (Floyd Schmoe and Frank Herbert), seasonal weather may interfere with visiting all in one trip. In spring and summer, however, it is possible to visit all in one day, depending on how much time is spent at each stop.

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A. Floyd Schmoe, Seattle
B. Richard Hugo, Seattle
C. Ezra Meeker, Puyallup
D. Frank Herbert and King’s Books, Tacoma

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