The Waltons Hamner House, Schuyler, VA ©Author Adventures

In the small town of Schuyler, Virginia, the Waltons Hamner House (128 Tree Top Loop) and the Walton’s Mountain Museum welcome visitors. Watch our video here: The Hamner House. Read about the Museum here:

It is in the Piedmont area of the Blue Ridge Mountains, near Charlottesville. The road toward the homestead — Route 6 off of Route 29 — is long, narrow, and windy, and best driven in daylight. Tours are offered at limited times and end by 4:00pm so it is wise to call ahead to make arrangements.

The Waltons was a popular network television series based on the rural upbringing of writer Earl Hamner, author of The Homecoming and screenwriter of The Waltons, Twilight Zone, and Falcon Crest. He also narrated The Waltons. Read more about Hamner at and about The Waltons at

Airing in the 1970s and set mostly during the Depression, The Waltons was framed through the eyes of an aspiring young writer named “John-Boy,” played by Richard Thomas. The series has long been considered an icon of American television history. While nostalgic, it sensitively spoke into issues that rose in public awareness during the 1970s, such as feminism, racism, marital stress, and financial strife.

Hamner Home, Schuyler, VA ©Author Adventures

The homestead features the house in which Earl Hamner grew up, a cargo truck and “The Shed” country store that factored strongly in the series. The Museum is about a half block away on the other side of the street.

By 2019, the property will complete an expansion as “Earl’s Meadow,” thanks to new owners who value preserving the national memory of Earl Hamner and his work. In addition to the Hamner House, it will include a replica of the Waltons’ house, familiar to viewers worldwide, as well as a bed-and-breakfast and botanical garden named for the actor who played the grandfather on the show, Will Geer. Read more about the project at:

This is the second stop on our Virginia Trail!

Patricia Smart