Like “Four Corners,” where four US state borders touch, St. George is located immediately above the border of Arizona in the southwest corner of Utah ©Author Adventures

Juanita Brooks was born in 1898 in Nevada. She married and had a baby, and her husband died of cancer very early in the marriage.  After that tragedy, she went to college and earned a master’s degree.  She eventually remarried and became a step-mother to 4 sons and had additional children, as well.  She lived in St. George, Utah.

During the Depression, Brooks had a job with the Works Project Administration which was a part of the “New Deal” of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration.  The government provided the money to create jobs for the unemployed.  The work would go on to support the local community.  Brooks’s job was working to chronicle the diaries of early settlers of Utah.  Her work went on to be archived at the Library of Congress.

Brooks took her interest in people’s diaries and histories and went on to write books of local history and some biographies.

Brooks’s historic home in St. George has been turned into the Quicksand and Cactus Bed and Breakfast. which is open for visitors.

This is the final stop on our Utah Trail!

Rebecca Blake Beech