Mt. Bonnell street sign (Michener, TX)
Mount Bonnell Street Sign ©Author Adventures
Mount Bonnell Trees ©Author Adventures

“I’m not a very good writer,
but I am an excellent rewriter.”
–James Michener

James Michener once called Mount Bonnell in Austin his home, and that is our stop for this trail, but other places in Texas would be equally justified to include on the trail for the author of the classic book, Texas.

He was the author of many bestselling historical books, but Texas is one of four standouts. (Others included Centennial, Chesapeake and Hawaii, to name a few.) If you want to tackle the challenge of reading a long book about places with rich histories, a story that spellbound millions of readers, then a Michener book would definitely be the right way to go.

You can also read information about James Michener in our Pennsylvania and New York sections.

Mount Bonnell is the sixth stop on Part One of our Texas Trail!

Patricia Smart