Texas longhorns
Texas longhorns ©Author Adventures

Known for his popular Lonesome Dove series, Larry McMurtry (1936- ) wrote many books set in Texas and started several independent book stores in Archer City called “Booked Up” (now one store in the Texas panhandle). You can read about the store and order books from it at bookedupac.com. Archer City is a small town with fewer than 1,800 residents. The bestselling author chose this location, having grown up on a nearby ranch.

Booked Up is one of only two independent bookstores in the United States that was founded, owned and currently operated by a major author. Besides the success of his Lonesome Dove series, his screenplay of Brokeback Mountain won an Oscar, Golden Globe Award and many others. The only other bookstore owned by a major author is in Minnesota and belongs to Louise Erdrich. It is called Birchbark Books. Read about it here: birchbarkbooks.com.

Read more about Larry McMurtry here: britannica.com.


Booked Up is the first stop on Texas Trail Part One!

Patricia Smart