Location of Oak Hills Church (Crownridge)

Max Lucado, Inspirational Texas Pastor and Best-selling Author

Max Lucado (1955- ) is recognized worldwide as a best-selling author of practical and inspirational Christian books for children, teens, and adults, but in San Antonio, he is known as a teaching minister at Oak Hills Church, which operates out of three locations around the city. (San Antonio is a large city in southern Texas.)

Books by Max Lucado

A list of books by Max Lucado is here: maxlucado.com/chronological-list-published-work-max-lucado. He has published at an astonishing rate and for many years — more than 100 books since 1985.

“For years I thought my assignment or the Church’s assignment was to articulate the Gospel and nothing more. Now I believe that if we don’t support the verbal expression of the Gospel with physical demonstration of compassion, we are not imitating Jesus.” — Max Lucado

You Are Special is a Special Book

You Are Special is an especially popular children’s picture book by Max Lucado because of its fable-like illustration of the principle that the love of God is not dependent on how we are labeled by other people but on who we are in God’s eyes. Our copy was gifted by The Honorable John Corcoran, an author known to many as “The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read,” making us indeed feel “special” by the example of a newly literate adult gifting the joy of reading.

About Oak Hills Church

Oak Hills Church, a non-denominational Christian worship community headquartered at 6929 Camp Bullis Road in San Antonia, Texas, is the first stop on Part Two of our Texas Author Adventures Trail. If visiting in-person is not an option, another option is to watch the author present his sermons through Oak Hills Church’s videos of their services at https://oakhillschurch.com/watch.

This stop is the first stop of the second path of the Texas Author Adventures Trail.

Patricia Smart