Janette Sebring Lowrey, Feeling Poky

Orange, on the Sabine River, which is the border between Texas and Louisiana, is the area where the author of possibly the best-selling children’s book of all time grew up. Who knew The Poky Little Puppy would set a record like that? Maybe the relaxed attitude came from Janette Sebring Lowrey’s childhood enjoying the peaceful Sabine River setting, which now offers families a boardwalk to stroll.

Interestingly, the children’s book that immortalized her name was first published when she was 50 years old and the mother of one teenage son. Read more about Janette Sebring Lowrey (1892-1986) here: penguinrandomhouse.com.

Orange, Then and Now

The population of Orange, a midsize small town, has about four times the number of residents who lived there during the author’s childhood and youth. Unfortunately, the town is prone to hurricane damage because of its location. Read about its history with hurricanes here: https://www.texastribune.org/2020/08/27.

Green heron near the Louisiana/Texas border © Author Adventures

Once In Orange, Visit the Stark Museum of Art

The Rare Books and Manuscripts room of the Stark Museum of Art in Orange is notable. The W.H. Stark House’s adjacent Carriage House in Orange has displayed a popular “100 Years of Literature” exhibit.

According to this Museum’s site, you can see “The Birds of America by naturalist John James Audubon. These five double elephant folios, which depict the birds of North America, belonged to the artist. The groundbreaking publication is widely regarded as one of the finest illustrated books of all time. In addition to Audubon’s The Birds of America are letters and journals by Audubon and artist Paul Kane, seven Books of Hours manuscripts, and more rare treasures.”

Read this Beaumont Enterprise article for more information.

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Read more about Audubon here: https://www.biography.com/scientist/john-james-audubon.

Orange, Texas, is the fourth stop on Texas Author Adventures Trail, Part Two.

Patricia Smart