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Thomas Elisha Hogg, of The Varna-Hogg Plantation in West Columbia (current population approximately 17,000), was a poet, novelist, soldier, attorney, politician, judge, Presbyterian elder and governor of Texas, not necessarily all in that order. The Texas State Historical Association website has a short biography of him that you can read in just a few minutes but be inspired longer by a man who packed a lot of living into his 38 years.

As a young man, he followed his father’s footsteps as a Confederate soldier during the Civil War and was transformed by seeing his father’s death and other horrors of war, leading him to write poetry, most notably The Fate of Marvin and Other Poems. “The title poem is notable for its candid account of the war and sympathetic treatment of both Union and Confederate soldiers.” according to

After reading up on Thomas Elisha Hogg, you may wonder about a woman named Ima Hogg. Was that her real name? And is there any truth to her having a sister named Ura? The answers are “yes” and “no.” The name “Ima” stems from The Fate of Marvin. An image with information about it is here:

This is the second stop on Texas Author Adventures Trail Part Two.

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