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True to the land of Texas, the Texas Author Adventures Trail Part One and Texas Author Adventures Trail Part Two lasso together all kinds of terrain – small towns, big cities, waterways – which makes sense because the literary terrain is just about as varied. We’re talkin’ the Poky Little Puppy on up to the massive 1,120-page Texas, and all kinds of other types of published writings in-between.

Trail One runs north-south. You can then take a rest-stop and enjoy the sights of San Antonio, or move along to Trail Two, which runs west-east-south-north to get you back toward the top of the state.

If you have never lived in Texas, you need to understand something of mega importance about how Texans feel about their state: pride. I remember hearing some Texan elders express pride in the fact that they had never stepped foot outside of Texas. And I think they were in their eighties. That is one tall heap of pride! I don’t recall hearing that from anyone in any other state, have you?

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So, whether you do the complete giant trail or just parts (the sites in Austin alone could rival trails in other whole states!), you will tap right into that feeling that comes so naturally to the natives of the one-and-only state that had once been its own country.

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A. Larry McMurtry, Archer City
B. John Graves, Whitney
C. Horton Foote, Austin
D. Harry Ransom Center including numerous major writers, such as John Howard Griffin, Austin
E. O. Henry, Austin
F. James Michener, Mount Bonnell
G. Katherine Anne Porter, Kyle
H. Max Lucado, San Antonio
I. Janette Sebring Lowrey, Orange
J. John James Audubon, Orange
K. Bill Martin, Jr., Commerce

Part One of the Texas Trail covers stops A through H:

Part Two picks up at stop H, then continues through K:

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When They Were Born in Texas or When They Moved to Texas