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Literary South Dakota

South Dakota is a state known for having a cold and severe climate much of the year. The South Dakota Author Adventures Trail leads through the farmland and plains to several sites of great literary interest. All three, while completely different from one another, celebrate literature in which the land and nature play a central role. Enjoy the big sky and pack an extra layer of clothing!

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A. Ole Rolvaag, Sioux Falls
B. Paul Goble, Brookings
C. Laura Ingalls Wilder, De Smet


Though it no longer exists, another place in South Dakota that is connected to an important literary figure was an African American homestead community called the “Sully County Colored Colony.” It was established by Norvel Blair (1825-1916), author of Book for the People! To Be Read by All Voters, Black and White, with Thrilling Events of the Life of Norvel Blair (1880). Read more about the writer and farmer here: https://www.blackpast.org/african-american-history/blair-norvel-1825-1916.