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Literary South Carolina, Grown from Farmland, Islands, and Archives

Our South Carolina Author Adventures Trail includes a library, a university, and an island off of the state’s coast with a connection to bestselling author Pat Conroy. As you consider visiting South Carolina, check out a robust website about South Carolina history at, where you can watch videos and read about the people who made South Carolina tick from its early days on to today.

The trail begins near Charlotte, North Carolina, continuing southward through the state of South Carolina. The Archibald Rutledge place has our trail repeat up north and back a patch south, but it lands you down near Savannah, where you can begin to follow our Georgia trail in reverse order.

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A. and B. Matt Christopher and Dori Sanders, Rock Hill (and Filbert)
C. and D. Ernest Hemingway and Elmore Leonard, University of South Carolina, Columbia
E. Archibald Rutledge, McClellanville
F. Dubose Heyward, Charleston
G. Angelina Grimke and Sarah Grimke, Charleston
H. Pat Conroy, Beaufort and Daufuskie Island

In addition to the sites listed above, literary icon Edgar Allan Poe lived in the Charleston area for a little over a year during his military service. A thorough article about his part of South Carolina history can be found here: A place to visit that memorializes Poe’s connection to the area is Poe’s Tavern.

Read more about Edgar Allan Poe on the following pages: