The Franklin Institute © Author Adventures

The Franklin Institute ( is fun, wacky, and you might even accidentally learn a thing or two.

Why is Benjamin Franklin on this site? Read The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, available as a free ebook on to learn about the “Father of the American Public Library.” We also recommend reading about his life and work at

These were our fave stops at the Franklin Institute:

1. The automaton,*
2. Walking inside a giant replica of a heart,
3. Sideways rock climbing,
4. Faux surfing,
5. Touching the key,
6. The light show surrounding the Franklin statue
7. The whiz-bang gift shop with items for pretty much any price range

(* The automaton has a connection to the 2012 movie, Hugo. Read My Time with Hugo and the Automaton at and the acknowledgements in the back of Brian Selznick’s book, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, to find out what that connection is!)

This is the second stop on our Pennsylvania Trail!

Patricia Smart