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The Pearl S. Buck House in Perkasie is about halfway between Philadelphia and Allentown. Its website displays information about the author and her work in some interesting ways. You can find it at by selecting “About Us” and choosing “About Pearl S. Buck” from the drop-down menu. (The population of Perkasie is approximately 8,600.)

Pearl Buck’s The Good Earth is one of my favorite novels, one of few required reading books that has stayed close to me for many years, like an old, wise friend. It speaks to power, justice, and beauty unlike any novel before it or any novel since.

I recommend it for high school students or eighth graders looking for a challenge. If you have any association with China, this novel may be especially meaningful for you. Even if you don’t, the story has a universal quality and remains a must-read.

Young readers who enjoy time travel books would do well to check out Pearl Buck: Jewel of the East, part of The Treasure Chest series by Ann Hood, and visit the fun website at

(You can read more about Pearl S. Buck in our West Virginia section.)

This is the fifth stop on our Pennsylvania Trail!

Patricia Smart