Beverly Cleary photo courtesy of Uneek Doll Designs

If you are like most people, you read at least one of Beverly Cleary’s books by the time you were done with elementary school.  She has written over 30 books which have sold over 90 million copies worldwide.

Believe it or not, reading did not come easily for Beverly Cleary.  When she was quite young, she found herself in the “low” reading group in her classroom.  By the time she was in 3rd grade, though, she had become a strong reader.  However, she felt frustrated that she couldn’t find the kind of books she really wanted to read.  Her school librarian suggested that she write her own books someday and she did.

She grew up in and around Portland, Oregon and the city proudly celebrates its famous author.  The Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden in historic Grant Park has sculptures of her books’ most famous characters, Ramona, Henry Huggins, and Ribsy, and written references to her books which were set in Portland.

Visitors who have extra time may wish to explore beyond the park and discover places in Beverly Cleary’s childhood neighborhood including Klickitat Street which actually exists nearby!

This is the third stop on our Oregon Trail!

Rebecca Blake Beech