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Tulsa is the home of one of our most unusual and entertaining adventure sites: the Admiral Twin Drive-In Theater.

S.E. Hinton wrote The Outsiders as a teenager while attending Will Rogers High School, and, yes, as a teenager watched movies at the Admiral Drive-In. Readers and movie watchers of this young adult novel will recognize the theater from the story and the film. Sometimes, it even has showings of The Outsiders, which starred Matt Dillon and Tom Cruise. Matt Dillon was selected on the recommendation of S.E. Hinton following his performance in the film Tex. Find out the drive-in movie schedule at

The Outsiders remains one of the most popular required reading book in middle schools and high schools nationwide. After it was published, and some may say because it was published, the realistic fiction genre began to flourish.

The book remains a living testament that the observations and thoughts of teens by teens can produce a long-lasting American classic. It is now available as an e-book or at most any bookstore or public library.

An excellent short film featuring the author touring settings of the book can be found at

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We thank Jill Westbrook, a reader from Oklahoma and one of our volunteers, for bringing this author adventure idea to us.

Will Rogers High School is the third stop on our Oklahoma Trail!

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