Louis Bromfield’s “Until the Day Break” (1942) ©Author Adventures

Louis Bromfield and Malibar Farm

Malibar Farm is the historical home of author Louis Bromfield, who wrote many books from the 1920s to the 1950s. His career as a writer was wildly successful during his day, producing bestsellers, a Pulitzer Prize (Early Autumn), movie screenplays, and long stays in countries abroad, such as France and India. The small town where his farm is located is in Richland County, Ohio, which has a population of approximately 122,000. Read about Malibar Farm here:

A World War I hero who traveled extensively, he owned several farms during his lifetime and was very interested in conservation. Some called him “America’s Most Famous Farmer.” (Malabar Farm is also where two famous movie stars married — Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart.)

The Library of Congress has a photo of Louis Bromfield selling his typewriter to the US Federal Government in response to the military’s need for 600,000 typewriters. At the time, the Government called upon private citizens to help with this need. See the photo here:

Malibar Farm is the seventh stop on our Ohio Author Adventures Trail!

Patricia Smart