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Eric Sevareid was well-known several generations ago for being a major TV journalist who covered many significant events during the middle of the last century.  He was born in the town of Velva, North Dakota, in 1912 and lived there until he was about thirteen years old.  He was also a writer and an adventurer.

Right after graduating from high school, he set out with a friend on a 2,250 mile canoe trip along rivers of the Upper Midwest and Canada, traveling from Minnesota to the Hudson Bay. His book, Canoeing with the Cree, covers this remarkable journey and is still in print.

Sevareid is still celebrated in his hometown of Velva.  The Velva School and Public Library serves both the local school and the community and visitors are welcome.  The library has a permanent collection related to Sevareid on display.  Contact the school in advance as hours are limited.

This is the second stop on our North Dakota Trail!

Rebecca Blake Beech