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Greensboro may be best known for making history during the Civil Rights Movement, when African-Americans had the first “sit-in” of that time at a lunch counter that would only serve white people. Now that counter is on exhibit at the Smithsonian as a reminder of courage. It may be hard to imagine any town in America refusing to serve people because of the color of their skin, but there are still people alive today who remember when news of the Greensboro sit-in was breaking.

Go back farther in history to learn about Greenboro’s ties to O. Henry. In Greensboro, with a current population of approximately 290,000, visit the O. Henry Hotel, which stands on the same land as the writer’s former home (he was born in Greensboro and moved to Texas at the age of 20). Then go to the O. Henry page in Texas to read more about the life of this famous writer of short stories. There is even a little known fact about him in our New Mexico section.

One of the most popular O. Henry stories is The Gift of the Magi at www.online-literature.com, with its clever structure mimicked by many writers long after is was published.

This is the fourth stop on our North Carolina Author Adventures Trail!

Patricia Smart