National African American Museum of History and Culture sign highlighting Dr. John Hope Franklin as its Scholarly Advisory Committee Founding Chairman, Washington, DC
Dr. John Hope Franklin classic textbook in use in college-level curriculum since 1947

Dr. John Hope Franklin, the Ultimate Historian

Dr. John Hope Franklin‘s From Slavery to Freedom has been used as a textbook in college-level history and sociology courses. This seminal book thoroughly introduced a part of US history that has not been mainstream despite comprehensive and compelling coverage of Black Americans. It is among approximately 20 US history books published by the ultimate historian and scholar, who earned his PhD from Harvard University in 1941.

According to “Dr. Franklin has served on a number of national commissions including the National Council of the Humanities, the President’s Advisory Commission on Ambassadorial Appointments, and One America: The President’s Initiative on Race (1997). He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1995.”

While president of the American Historical Association, he delivered this speech in 1979:

Read more about the life and legacy of this major history scholar here:

The Durham History Hub

The Durham History Hub at the Museum of Durham History, at 500 West Main Street, offers an exhibit that connects middle schoolers with impactful historical figures from the growing city of Durham, such as Dr. John Hope Franklin (1915-2009).

The Franklin Research Center at Duke University

Scholars or those who simply want a deeper exploration of the life and work of Dr. John Hope Franklin  should consider a visit to The Franklin Research Center at Duke University (411 Chapel Drive).

According to “The Center was established in 1995 when Dr. John Hope Franklin donated his personal and professional papers to the Rubenstein Library, thereby furthering the library’s mission to preserve primary sources relevant to the experience of people of African descent and to make those sources available to students, scholars and lay researchers.”

The Durham History Hub is the third stop on our North Carolina Author Adventures Trail.

Patricia Smart