F. Scott Fitzgerald Doll, photo courtesy of Uneek Doll Designs

Asheville is the city with the saddest chapter in the life of author F. Scott Fitzgerald. While battling tuberculosis and wrestling with a once glorious career that had been flailing, he stayed at the Grove Park Inn in the mid-1930s to restore his body, revive his spirit, and renew his energies as a writer. Meanwhile, his wife, Zelda, lived at a psychiatric hospital in Asheville until she died.

Fitzgerald is thought of as one of America’s greatest authors. So why did his life unwind so sadly?

We often read about people who had great success as young stars and then were forgotten. They stop getting parts, recording deals, and publishing contracts. Sometimes, the world goes a different direction. Sometimes, personal experiences take their attention away from their work. Sometimes, choices they made at the peak of their careers, when they saw no end to their popularity, caught up with them when they were older. Not only did they lose attention, but habits that seemed playful when they were stars became harmful to them as the years went on. Students, what do you think young successful people can do to prevent this?

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Patricia Smart