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New York, Literary Capitol of the United States

More authors, poets, and illustrators have lived or worked in New York than all of the rest of the states combined. Walking the fast-paced streets, you can almost taste words floating in the air. (Who doesn’t wax poetic when thinking about New York?)

Many of its literary sites have been mapped out by the Library of Congress and other institutions. Check this website out: http://www.nyslittree.org/index.cfm/fuseaction/content.display/page/aboutthemaps.cfm.

We contained our enthusiasm for New York by starting out with a random smattering of exciting places for our statewide New York Author Adventures Trail, such as these. Click any link below for author and place information.

A. Henry Ward Beecher, Brooklyn
B. Emma Lazarus, Liberty Island
C. Strand Bookstore, Manhattan
D. Hotel Elysee, Manhattan
E. The Plaza, Manhattan
F. E.L. Konigsburg, Manhattan
G. Langston Hughes and Claude McKay, Harlem
H. Edgar Allan Poe, Bronx
I. Washington Irving, Tarrytown
J. Frederic Remington, Ogdensburg