Poore Family Homestead and Museum

The Poore Homestead and Museum in Stewartstown, New Hampshire, features diaries, journals, magazines, newspapers, and other documents from pre-Civil War times, as well as historical records about the Poores, who lived on the 100-acre property from the 1830s to the 1980s. (Stewartstown remains a small town today.) It is a settlement that provides tourists with a step back in time and opportunities to participate in events and watch performances on its outdoor stage.


According to the Poore Museum’s website “Due to the insight and generosity of one man, J. C. Kenneth Poore, The Poore Family Foundation for North Country Conservancy was founded in 1979. Kenneth was the last Poore descendant and the first Chairman of the Board for The Foundation. Kenneth bequeathed his family’s 100-acre settlement, land, buildings and contents to The Foundation he created, to serve as a historical and educational site, to a way of life that existed prior-to rural electrification.”

Yankee Magazine published an informative article and photos about it in March 2013. It explains the history of the house from its early years to later additions and refurbishments, as well as the reaction of tourists surprised by the quality of their find.


The Poore Homestead welcomes the public to visit but requires reservations to tour the restored house due to its fragile historical contents.

What To Do Next

Due to the Poore Homestead’s proximity to Vermont, travelers to Stewartstown may enjoy the nearby Vermont Author Adventures Trail, which includes the houses of poet Robert Frost and Maria Von Trapp. The latter is a resort owned by the Von Trapp family, known worldwide as the family whose story inspired The Sound of Music. Maria Von Trapp has published autobiographical and faith-based writing. In the feature film, her role was played by Julie Andrews.

On the Path

The Poore Farm Historic Homestead and Museum is the final stop on our New Hampshire Author Adventures Trail.

Patricia Smart