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New Hampshire: Literary and Recreational Wonderland

Our New Hampshire Author Adventures Trail features the farm property of a four-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize, a family homestead that predates the Civil War, and a whimsical theme park.

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A. Robert Frost, Derry and Franconia
B. Thomas Bailey Aldrich House, Portsmouth
C. Story Land, Glen
D. The Poore Family Historic Homestead and Museum, Stewartstown

Beginning in the late 1600s, property owners of New Hampshire had hundreds of enslaved Africans. Because of that, in addition to our literary trail, Author Adventures also recommends the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire, which includes important places connected to a wide range of historical figures. For information, click here: blackheritagetrailnh.org.

Perhaps the most significant writer on the Black Heritage Trail is Harriet Adams Wilson, of Milford, who was the first African-American woman in the US to publish a novel. The title of the 1859 autobiographical work was Our Nig; or, Sketches from the Life of a Free Black, in a Two-story White House, North. Showing that Slavery’s Shadows Fall Even There.