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Wright Morris

Wright Morris was born in 1910 in Central City, Nebraska. He never met his mother because she died shortly after he was born. His father was often absent. He also was sent for a time to live with his aunt and uncle. Later, his father remarried and he got along better with his step-mother than his dad. His feelings about these relationships made their way into all of his writings. He wrote mostly novels and short stories for which he won awards and recognition.

In addition to being a highly accomplished author, he was also a very accomplished photographer and traveled around the country taking beautiful black and white photos. A published book of his photographs, which paired each photo with a little bit of his writing, was the first photo book of its kind.

The Wright Morris Boyhood Home

The Wright Morris Boyhood Home in Central City, Nebraska, is dedicated to the memory of the author. It is operated by the Lone Tree Literary Society. In addition to the author’s home, you can visit the local barber shop and law office. This area of the surrounding neighborhood preserves the writer’s neighborhood, as it was when he lived there. It is available for tours and hosts other events throughout the year.

This is the sixth stop on our Nebraska Author Adventures Trail.

Rebecca Blake Beech