The view from the Wilder porch

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Because of the popularity of the Little House books and helped by the success of the Little House on the Prairie television series of Michael Landon, there are at least seven Laura Ingalls Wilder museums throughout the Midwest, in the states of IowaKansasMinnesota, Missouri, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. For a cross-country tour of the author’s homesteads, click here: Wagon Tour.

Rocky Ridge Farm

The Rocky Ridge Farm in Mansfield, Missouri, does not appear in the Little House book series or in the TV show.  In a sense, though, it is the most important of all the Laura Ingalls Wilder sites because it is the place where the books were written. Laura and her husband Almanzo lived most of their life together on this property. They worked hard to grow it into the productive farm it became.

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum has more artifacts, papers, and historical items belonging to Laura and her family than than any other museum. They even have Pa’s fiddle!  It is a prime destination for fans of Laura from all over the world.

The Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home and Museum

I visited the museum in the summer several years ago and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. From standing on the farmhouse porch and taking in the view of rolling green hills, to seeing Laura’s writing desk, it was utterly memorable. Another aspect of the home which struck me was how it was custom built for two people of short stature! Original items inside the home such as magazines, homemade furniture, and dishes were also a delight to see. The museum and gift shop were beautifully designed for optimum enjoyment.

Other Local Attractions

The Wilder museum grounds have a vegetable and flower garden planted with heirloom seeds in a manner typical of the time period. The nearby Baker Creek Seed Company donated their efforts and seeds to create the garden. Both days I visited the museum, I made a point of driving to the nearby Baker Creek Seed Company to have lunch. Amazingly, they offer a delicious homemade, vegan, farm-to-table lunch featuring vegetables grown in their gardens, and for a donation rather than a set price. Check the Baker Creek Seed Company website for exact times.

The Historic Farmhouse where Wilder and her husband lived for many years.
Vegan lunch at nearby Baker Creek Seed Company

This is the fourth stop on our Missouri Author Adventures Trail.

Rebecca Blake Beech