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Tennessee Williams, Mississippi Playwright

Tennessee Williams (1911-1983) is a playwright whose intense dramatic plays cast a distinct lens of social commentary on the historically dominant culture within the South. His portrayals of archetypal characters and the nuanced plotlines resulting from their complex blend of steely strengths and vulnerabilities provided an enlightening view to audiences far beyond the region over the past 75 years.

One of his most enduring plays, which became a classic movie starring Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman, is Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, though The Glass Menagerie is also extremely popular. Read about those and other major works here: thoughtco.com.

Tennessee Williams also lived in Florida, Louisiana and New York (Hotel Elysee) and you can visit those pages on this website to read about his later life, works and influence.

Tennessee Williams Birthplace House

The Tennessee Williams House (https://www.exploresouthernhistory.com) at 300 Main Street in Columbus, Mississippi, is the first home where playwright Tennessee Williams lived, and is now a welcome center for the City of Columbus. This city has a populaton of approximately 24,000, which is around four times the number of residents at the time Tennessee Williams was born. Interestingly, his father was a minister and his mother gave birth to Tennessee Williams in their home, which served as the rectory of their Episcopalian church, according to exploresouthernhistory.com. His given name was Thomas Lanier Williams III.

More to See

Later, Williams moved to Clarksdale where many locations, such as those highlighted on the Clark House bed-and-breakfast website’s Clark House History page, inspired characters and settings of Williams’ work. That history page has important information well worth reading.

You can reward your travels to Tennessee Williams sites with a relaxing visit to the Tennessee Williams Park.

The Tennessee Williams House is the sixth stop on our Mississippi Author Adventures Trail and the Clark House is the eighth.

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