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Greenville was once a hub of prize-winning writers as well as the home of one of the most respected independent bookstores in the Southeast. Its residents included writers such as close friends Walker Percy and Shelby Foote. The Book Inn was owned and operated by Mary Dayle and Hugh McCormick. Now that the owners have retired, Delta State University‘s Roberts-LaForge Library in West Cleveland has “the McCormick collection with over 300 first edition and signed copies of some of the area’s most award-winning and notorious authors.”

One of the most watched television series in history was The Civil War: A Film by Ken Burns (PBS), and it featured historian and author Shelby Foote, of Greenville, throughout. Millions of viewers were glued to the television screen when the series aired. Watch the series — notice the camera angles, the music, and the engaging narration — and you will see what made the Civil War series and Shelby Foote so popular.

And, in case you are traveling through Texas and wonder if there is a connection with Horton Foote… yes, the two gentlemen were related as cousins. They did not grow up together, but Horton Foote was also involved in the Civil War series as the voice of Jefferson Davis.

This is the final stop on our Mississippi Trail!

Patricia Smart