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Literary Minnesota

A surprisingly diverse group of writers has called the state of Minnesota home. If you gathered all the published books of this group of writers into a room, you would find novels, short stories, Pulitzer Prize-winning plays, children’s fiction, biographies, a whole series of books loved by devoted followers around the world, and a ground-breaking children’s book which has never been out of print.

Discover these unique writers by clicking on the Minnesota Author Adventures Trail Part One and Minnesota Author Adventures Trail Part Two. (A possible addition just outside the western border of Minnesota is a literary site honoring writer and illustrator Paul Goble. Read about it here: Paul Goble in South Dakota. This stop can be added to Part Two of the trail when visiting Walnut Grove.)

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Part One:

A. Louise Erdrich, Minneapolis
B. University of Minnesota Children’s Literature Research Library, Minneapolis
C. F. Scott Fitzgerald, St. Paul
D. Charles M. Schulz, St. Paul
E. August Wilson, St. Paul
F. Sinclair Lewis, Sauk Center

Part Two:

G. Laura Ingalls Wilder, Walnut Grove, Spring Valley
H. Wanda Ga’g, New Ulm
I. Maud Hart Lovelace, Mankato

Part One of the Minnesota Trail starts in Minneapolis with Louise Erdrich, then ends at Sauk Center with Sinclair Lewis:

Part Two picks up at Sauk Centre where Part One left off, then continues on until its final stop in Spring Valley: