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John Adams House, Quincy, MA © Author AdventuresPresident John Adams signed the Declaration of Independence, founded the Library of Congress, published books in seven languages, had a vast personal library, and treasured detailed correspondence from his wife Abigail, whom he adored. His home in Quincy is operated by the National Park Service and open to the public. You can read about how to plan a visit at

Stone Library © Author Adventures

His Stone Library is a free-standing building near the home, which is lavish by today’s standards though not as monumental as Abigail Adams believed her husband deserved.

As a result, she established a lovely landscaped garden area adjacent to the house, similar to the British style to which she was accustomed. The floral varieties planted then are still featured today and a large shade tree beckons during spring and summer.

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A tour of the library reveals many volumes of the multi-lingual book collection and artistic pieces that passed through the Adams family through four generations, beginning in the 18th century.

According to the National Park Service website, John Adams collected 3,000 books for his library during his lifetime. Today, approximately 10% of the Stone Library’s collection belonged to John Adams and the rest belonged to his son, John Quincy Adams.

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This is the first stop on the Massachusetts Trail Part 1!

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