orchard house
Orchard House, Concord, MA ©Author Adventures
© Author Adventures
©Author Adventures

The Orchard House in Concord is an outstanding author location. When you take the guided 45-minute tour the house, you feel like you are right back in the days of Little Women and Little Men. (We recommend reading them before you visit.) You can see the dress-up trunk and look through the window above Louisa May Alcott‘s desk.

The grounds feel more peaceful than the hubbub of Boston, and include the same classroom building where the Alcott family learned, taught and discussed transcendentalism with their friends. The population of Concord is currently approximately 18,000.

©Author Adventures

The Orchard House also has one of the best gift shops we have seen at literary landmarks. From postcards to Madame Alexander dolls, there is something for everyone in about any price range.

Readers often identify with one of the characters in Louisa May Alcott’s books, which may be why the books have remained popular for such a long time. Which one is the most like you? See if you can find anything about that character when you visit the gift shop.

Orchard House is the sixth stop on Massachusetts Trail Part 2.

Patricia Smart