Robert Penn Warren
Photo courtesy of Uneek Doll Designs

Robert Penn Warren was a very important Southern writer, literary critic, and professor of the last century.  He wrote novels, poems, and scholarly works about literature. He taught at a number of different universities and became a leader in promoting the New Criticism, a different way of interpreting literature which gained popularity during the last century.  His most famous work, a novel called, All the King’s Men, was made into a movie.

Warren was born in Guthrie, Kentucky, in l905 and he finished high school by the age of 15.  He suffered a terrible injury after being hit in the eye by a rock thrown by his brother. He eventually lost his eye. The same summer that this tragedy occurred, he published his first poem. He entered college at age 16.

The Robert Penn Warren Birthplace Museum is located in his home town of Guthrie.  Here, you can visit and view the home where Warren lived his very early life.

The Robern Penn Warren Birthplace Museum is the fourth and final stop on our Kentucky Trail!

Rebecca Blake Beech