Fitzgerald Doll photo courtesy of Uneek Doll Designs
Fitzgerald Doll photo courtesy of Uneek Doll Designs

Because of the 2013 hit movie, The Great Gatsby, set in and around Long Island, New York, most people have heard of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous novel, of the same name.  What isn’t as commonly known, is that much of the inspiration for that novel came from the time that Fitzgerald spent in the state of Kentucky while he was in training with the Army.  On his weekends off of training,  Fitzgerald would often visit the historic Seelbach Hilton Hotel in Louisville.  The idea for the character of Jay Gatsby came from a gangster and bootlegger who frequented the hotel’s game rooms and drinking rooms and whom Fitzgerald met on a number of occasions.

The hotel still stands in its original location and has a restaurant where visitors can still get a fine meal in a very elegant setting.

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The Seelbach Hilton Hotel is the second stop on our Kentucky Trail!

Rebecca Blake Beech