4th Street in Louisville, Kentucky. ©Author Adventures

Literary Kentucky

The Kentucky Author Adventures Trail highlights diverse literary paths of Kentucky-based writers, ranging from a hero of the Jazz Age to a monastery, and including artists, poets, and published authors.

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A. Jesse Stuart, Greenup County
B. Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning, Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame, Lexington
C. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Louisville
D. Thomas Merton Center, Louisville
E. John James Audubon, North Henderson
F. Robert Penn Warren, Guthrie
G. Janice Holt Giles, Knifley

It is worth noting that William Wells Brown, thought to be the first published African American novelist in the US, was born in the Lexington area around 1814. There are no homes connected to him in Lexington now, but a community center and a school are named in his honor. Read about the writer here: https://docsouth.unc.edu/fpn/brownw/bio.html.