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Literary Iowa

The Iowa Author Adventures Trail includes a library, a museum, a childhood home, restaurants, and the training ground of scores of US writers. The writers range from the internationally renowned to those with a more regional focus and reputation.

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Northeast Iowa:
A. Laura Ingalls Wilder, Burr Oak

Southeast Iowa:
B. Writers’ Workshop, Iowa City
C. Prairie Lights Bookstore, Iowa City

The University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop has spawned the careers of numerous major authors. An excellent guide that indicates key places in Iowa City connected to them can be found here: https://litcity.lib.uiowa.edu. Some places listed on it are open to the public but not all. Several of these writers also have places connected to them in the states where they were drawn after completing their work at the Writers’ Workshop. Examples with Author Adventures pages include:

The Iowa Author Adventures Trail is below.

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