A Civil War Re-enactor © Author Adventures

If you feel like exploring beyond Indianapolis, we have one city on the Indiana trail that is almost 200 miles away from the city: Bristol. The Elkhart County Historical Museum in Bristol has map-making tools and maps created by author Ambrose Bierce for the Civil War because Bierce lived in Elkhart for about a year in 1860. Read about this itinerant, mysterious writer at

If you like his friend Mark Twain’s writing style, when it was dark, sad, and humorous at the same time, then you may like some of the short stories and books of Ambrose Bierce. Like Twain, Bierce began his writing career as a journalist but he also had a military career that took him down to Mexico, where he died, though no one knows for sure how or where.

Bierce’s Write It Right (“A Little Black List on Literary Faults”), which is a free e-book we found through the California Digital Library site, is a fast-reading guide, organized like a dictionary, on how to choose words with more precision, like using “backward” instead of “backwards.” His Chicamauga, which we found on the site, reads like a ghost story.

The Elkhart County Historical Museum is the fifth and final stop on our Indiana Trail! It can also be added onto our Michigan Trail, since it’s so close to the Indiana-Michigan border:

Patricia Smart