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What do a children’s story writer, three of America’s best known social commentator writers, and a Civil War journalist have in common? Indiana.

The authors of the Indiana Author Adventures Trail include Bill Peet, Theodore Dreiser, Kurt Vonnegut, and Ambrose Bierce. The first three all lived in Indianapolis at one time or another, and their trail locations are within about a mile of each other. Only Ambrose Bierce takes us somewhere else, as his stories are prone to do, about 200 miles north to Bristol. That last stop is up to you. (Of course, you can tag it on to the Michigan trail, if that works better for you.)

A. Ray Bradbury, Indianapolis

B. Bill Peet, Indianapolis

C. Theodore Dreiser, Indianapolis

D. Kurt Vonnegut, Indianapolis

E. Ambrose Bierce, Bristol



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