Carol Ryrie Brink
Portrait at the Moscow Library in Idaho, contributed by reader Jeannette Duvall-Ward

Carol Ryrie Brink (1895-1981), best-known for writing Caddie Woodlawn, along with approximately 30 other books, grew up and went to college in Moscow, Idaho. Near the Washington state line, Moscow has a population of approximately 25,000 residents.

Exterior of the Moscow, Idaho, Library. PC: Jeannette Duvall-Ward

Today, Moscow has named a library reading room and a park after the author, and the library is the same one the author used as a young girl.

A local history expert interviewed Carol Ryrie Brink in the year she passed away and wrote this summary of the author’s life and work:

If you like historical fiction books with a pioneer spirit or stories about strong young female characters, the 1936 Newbery award-winning classic Caddie Woodlawn is worth reading. The main character is based on the actual life of the author’s grandmother.

Carol Ryrie Brink co-wrote the 1988 movie, more than 40 years after publishing the book. Magical Melons is the sequel.

The University of Idaho gave Carol Ryrie Brink an honorary doctorate.

Inside the Moscow, Idaho, library. PC: Jeannette Duvall-Ward

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