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Literary Idaho

Bowling at a literary landmark? Yes, the Idaho Author Adventures Trail is our only trail that includes a major author landmark with a bowling alley, and probably the only state trail that requires at least three different kinds of indoor and outdoor footwear.

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A. Carol Ryrie Brink, Moscow
B. Ernest Hemingway, Ketchum
C. Ezra Pound, Hailey
D. Edgar Rice Burroughs, Snake River
E. Wilson Rawls, Idaho Falls

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While not an author, perhaps the most pioneering and beloved linguist of early US history is from Salmon Valley, Idaho: Sacajawea (also spelled “Sacagawea”), the invaluable Shoshone interpreter and translator for Lewis & Clark. Her original home from the late 1700s and early 1800s is unknown, but visitors can relive the Sacajawea experience by traveling to the Salmon Valley area.

Of special note is the Sacajawea Interpretive, Cultural, and Educational Center, which offers numerous activities connected to Idaho history. Information can be found at: sacajaweacenter.org and visitsalmonvalley.com. According to the Center’s website, visitors with literary interests are welcome: “The Sacajawea Center Research Library located in the Learning Center is open by appointment for you to view Expedition journals and titles, Native American topics, field guides, and children’s books.”

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