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Wally Amos is the author of many inspirational self-help books and a long-time champion of literacy organizations. As a talent agent in Los Angeles, he represented major stars like Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye at the peak of their careers, and then pursued his dream of a cookie-selling empire. He started his first Famous Amos cookie shop in Hollywood, and his cookie brand became world-famous. Though he is no longer part of the Famous Amos company (except in the hearts of cookie-lovers), you should be able to spot his newest Cookie Kahuna cookies at Ala Moana shopping center or Costco in Honolulu.

According to “Amos is a well known inspirational speaker and is the author of eight books:

The Famous Amos Story: The Face That Launched a Thousand Chips

The Power in You: Ten Secret Ingredients To Inner Strength

Man With No Name: Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

Watermelon Magic: Seeds of Wisdom, Slices of Life

The Cookie Never Crumbles: Inspirational Recipes for Every Day Living

Be Positive, Be Positive!: Insights Into How To Live A Joy-filled and Inspiring Life

The Power In Self-Esteem: How To Discover And Fulfill Your Life Dreams and

Live An Inspiring Life: Ten Secret Ingredients for Inner Strength.”

My colleagues and I met Wally Amos at an educators’ conference and could easily see how his sunny entrepreneurial spirit brought him so much success.

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Ala Moana Center is the fourth and final stop on our Hawaii Trail!

Patricia Smart