Visit the birthplace of the founder of Girl Scouts, Juliette Gordon Low, whose mission to train girls in skills that embrace the world around them, has spawned millions of scouts since its beginning in 1912.

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While known as a leader and champion for girls, we can see from her home that she also knew how to replenish her soul through artful expression and reading.

In 1912, a pamphlet was published that later evolved into the first Girl Scout Handbook. It is available as a free download at Look for fascinating parts like the sentence that starts: “During the Russian Revolution the Girl Scouts were used by the Government in many practical ways, as may be seen from the following letter…”

Troops journey to this Savannah house year after year, thanks largely to cookie and nut sales as well as car washes and any other fundraisers they can think up.

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Perhaps the most striking aspects of the opulent well-preserved home in Savannah are the works of art created by Low herself, ranging from oil paintings to sculptures to an iron garden gate.

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The most recent update to the home is a “reimagining” of the library, which takes advantage of today’s technology to speak to the interests of today’s girls while continuing to promote the importance of reading and writing.

Inspiring not only as the founder of a lasting organization, but also, being mostly deaf, Low is an example of what a person with physical challenges and other setbacks in life can achieve for the world.

Interestingly, she founded Girl Scouts in the same year that Edgar Rice Burroughs first published Tarzan and L.M. Montgomery published Anne of Green Gables. The work of all three of these masters points to the core ability of youth to face new frontiers with independence, intelligence, strength, and love.


For more about Girl Scouts, please visit L.M. Montgomery can be researched at the website of the L.M. Montgomery Institute at To read information about places connected to Edgar Rice Burroughs, please visit our California, Idaho and Michigan pages about the author.

This is the eighth and final stop on our Georgia Trail!

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