George Merrick
George Merrick Exhibit, The Biltmore, Coral Gables, FL ©Author Adventures

The founder of the City of Coral Gables, George Merrick, published Songs of the Wind on a Southern Shore, and other Poems of Florida (1920), a collection of more than 30 songs and poems honoring the South Florida landscape of his day. You can choose any to download through this University of South Florida link:

Merrick purchased and developed the land that would become the City of Coral Gables. He also was among the founders of the University of Miami (the main campus resides in Coral Gables). My grandfather was one of a number of builders who benefited from Merrick’s foresight by constructing several homes in Coral Gables in the mid-20th century. They remain beautifully situated in the lovely neighborhoods of this carefully preserved city.

Learn more about George Merrick by visiting The Coral Gables Merrick House and by reading his biography at You can also see a statue of Merrick in front of the Coral Gables City Hall.

University of Miami ©Author Adventures

The George Merrick House is the fourth stop on Florida Trail #2!

Patricia Smart