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Margaret Truman, Mystery Writer

Martin’s Tavern is an historic dining establishment in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC, where many US presidents have enjoyed its cuisine. Perhaps its most popular booth is the one where Senator John F. Kennedy proposed marriage to Jacqueline Bouvier before he became the 35th US president. (Read more about Kennedy through his page in our Massachusetts section.)

The restaurant is also a notable literary landmark as the setting of many of the novels written by Margaret Truman (1924-2008), who frequented the restaurant and authored more than 30 books, including a biography of her mother.

Margaret Truman was the daughter (and only child) of US President Harry S Truman, who often visited the restaurant with his wife Bess and daughter in the 1940s when Margaret was a student at George Washington University. President Truman was in office during the time his daughter attended and graduated, and he delivered the commencement address. She later married Clifton Daniel, who would become the chief of the New York Times Washington bureau.

A complete list of Margaret Truman’s books can be found here: Thirty of them are mysteries; ten are non-fiction.

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The Restaurant

Martin’s Tavern is located at 1264 Wisconsin Ave NW in an upscale college enclave of Washington, DC. Established in 1933, it has spanned nearly a century.

The restaurant is very popular managing to be both plush and cozy, with a pub-like ambiance, while providing excellent service. It’s a great place for a small informal celebration, a business lunch, or anytime dip into living history.

Martin’s Tavern is the first stop on our District of Columbia Author Adventures Trail.

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