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The mother ship of all published works in the US is the Library of Congress. If you visit no other literary site in DC, go there for its resources, artistry, history, power, and regal environment. Tours are available.

At the Smithsonian, we take you to the kitchen of cookbook author Julia Child and the ruby red slippers of The Wizard of Oz, based on the book by L. Frank Baum. Then we cross over the river to step back in time and tour the house of former enslaved person and author Frederick Douglass. Also don’t miss the memorials of two literary giants, Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King, Jr. (Watch a quick video here: MLK Monument.) The Newseum is the crown jewel of journalism and publishing history. Tickets are available for purchase but look for summer deals, like children attending free when accompanied by adults.

These are just a few literary sites we decided to feature. We also suggest you take a look at www.dcwriters.org, which has identified tons of writers’ homes in the DC area. Many are not visit-able because they are private residences, but just seeing the vast number of them on one map is impressive.

Click on the links below to read about the major sites on our DC Author Adventures Trail. More information about Thomas Jefferson can be found in our Virginia section here: https://authoradventures.org/trails/search-states-s-z/virginia/jefferson-thomas. Additional Martin Luther King, Jr., literary sites can be found in our Alabama and Georgia sections: https://authoradventures.org/trails/by-state/alabama and https://authoradventures.org/trails/by-state/georgia/king-jr-martin-luther.

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A. Margaret Truman
B. Newseum
C. Library of Congress
D. L. Frank Baum
E. Julia Child
F. Frederick Douglass

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