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Robert Louis Stevenson

The first children’s book by 19th century author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) that children typically read is A Child’s Garden of Verses. Next might be Treasure Island, with its fantastic characters, striking adventures, and realistic dialogue, released a century before the similar-themed Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. You can read the ebook version at Following that book, readers may enjoy the classic book entitled The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, a staple of middle school, high school, and college reading lists.

Scotland-born Robert Louis Stevenson was among the most widely read writers of his time and remains a top choice through today, especially for those who like adventures, poetry, or dark themes.

An excellent British website about the author can be found here: It includes biographical information, literary resources, as well as how to apply for the annual RLS Writing Competition in Scotland and RLS Day hosted annually in Edinburgh.

Read more about Robert Louis Stevenson here:

Stevenson House in Monterey, California

Now you can visit the author’s temporary home: He lived there briefly but it had an impact because he pulled Monterey experiences into Treasure Island. As the legend goes, he stayed in this house while courting a love interest, a relationship that did not become what he hoped.

In case you reach it after hours, bear in mind that Monterey offers a self-guided tour that you can take by calling a phone number and keying in a code number that corresponds to the place where you are.

Monterey is near Carmel, Big Sur, and the rocky ocean coast. The midsize small town is a popular tourist destination. It is also known for its aquarium and the Naval Postgraduate School.

This is the second stop on our Northern California Author Adventures Trail.

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