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Charles M. Schulz brought lovable characters and sweet, insightful stories to homes worldwide through several comic strip series, including the beloved series Peanuts. You can read more about him on the Schulz Museum website at schulzmuseum.org/about-the-man.

The Schulz Museum is among the most delightful of the Northern California adventures with appealing exhibits for all ages.

The Schulz private home was among approximately 1,400 houses that were lost to the Tubbs Fire in 2017 but the Museum survived.

Allow at least a half-day to enjoy the Museum and grounds (look for the holograms outside) as well as the legendary ice-skating rink next-door, followed by hot chocolate at the Warm Puppy cafe.

Gift shops at the Museum and at the store next to the ice rink have Peanuts items in abundance. The two shops have very little overlap in merchandise, though, so be sure to visit both.

The rink’s walkway features signatures from such ice skating greats as Kristi Yamoguchi and Scott Hamilton. The rink is open to the public but has also attracted major tournaments, including one in which “Sparky” (a nickname of Charles M. Schulz) was a participant.


Students may leave inspired to create their own comic strip based on friends and pets, just like Peanuts.

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Get inspired at the museum and check out http://schulzmuseum.org/. With a movie that came out in 2015, the joy never ends. Read where to find it here: foxmovies.com/movies/the-peanuts-movie.

Read more about Schulz at Minnesota.

This is the final stop on our Northern California Trail!

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