seuss statue in san diego
Dr. Seuss with the Cat in the Hat in San Diego © Author Adventures
Geisel Library © Author Adventures
Geisel Library © Author Adventures

Theodor Geisel, more commonly known as “Dr. Seuss,” lived in La Jolla for many years. His original materials are now housed at the University of California San Diego Library in its Dr. Seuss Collection.

We thought exhibits occurred only during March, in honor of his birthday, and the summer, but one of our team members successfully author-adventured in September to experience this one.  (Still, there may be times when his materials are only accessible to pre-approved researchers only so call ahead.)

Please remember that greasy banana peels, purple-spotted tomatoes, seasick crocodiles and other food or animals favored by the Grinch must be left outside.

For a list of classic books by Dr. Seuss, click here:

Read more about Dr. Seuss on the page of his birthplace in our Massachusetts section.

This is the second stop on our Southern California Author Adventures Trail!

Patricia Smart