gingerbread house
A children’s rendition of an Alaskan wilderness lodge, created at Asilomar in California, the retreat center designed by Hearst Castle architect Julia Morgan. ©Author Adventures

“Our breath is brief, and being so
Let’s make our heaven here below,
And lavish kindness as we go.”
— Robert W. Service

About Robert W. Service

Robert W. Service (1874-1958), a British-born poet and author of Scottish heritage, felt compelled to leave his home country to explore the Alaskan wilderness, after relocating to North America.

See his photo, read about his personal history, and his Dawson City cabin here:

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The small town of Skagway, Alaska keeps his memory as the poet of the Yukon alive through special events and programs. Skagway has a population of approximately 970 residents. Read about the town’s current and ongoing offerings here:

His Poetry

Before you go or on the long route, check out Robert Service’s poetic writing style in the free e-book, Trail of ’98, available from Links to many of his poems can be found here:

Skagway is the third stop on our Alaska Trail!

Patricia Smart