The aurora borealis, courtesy of Grant Wilson Photography (Instagram: @grant_wilson)

The climate of Alaska makes it a challenging state to chase an Author Adventure trail, causing it to be a seasonal choice. We expect that at least some of the state’s nearly two million visitors a year share an interest in literary travel, so we designed this trail honoring the writings of a major poet, adventure-seeking survivors, and environmentalist writers.

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A. Oscar Anderson, Barry Lopez, and George Harper, Anchorage
B. Robert Service, Skagway
C. John Muir, Alexander Archipelago
D. Jack London and Robert Service, Dawson City

To begin a trail from lower Alaska and work your way up, start with the Alexander Archipelago that John Muir described in Travels in Alaska, then head to Skagway, then Dawson (it’s in Canada, outside our website’s boundaries, but a must if you are a Jack London fan…), and end in Anchorage. Or, if you want to stay on the mainland (excluding the Alexander Archipelago islands), here is a trail starting in Anchorage: Alaska Author Adventures Trail, a very long trek that, in the best of circumstances, is at least 28 hours of driving.

Major thanks to photographer Grant Wilson for contributing the pic on this page.