*=Tour-able Literary Home, Workplace or Hangout


Abraham Lincoln in Illinois*

Adelaide Fries in North Carolina*

Alcee Fortier in Louisiana*

Aldous Huxley in California*

Alex Haley in Tennessee*

Alice Walker in Georgia*

Allen Ginsburg in Louisiana

Alma Smith Jacobs in Montana*

Ambrose Bierce in California

Ambrose Bierce in Indiana

Andy Griffith in North Carolina*

Angelina Grimke and Sarah Grimke in South Carolina*

Angie Debo in Oklahoma

Anne Rice in Louisiana

Archibald Rutledge in South Carolina*

Arna Bontemps in Louisiana*

August Wilson in Minnesota*


Barack Obama in Hawaii*

Barry Lopez in Alaska

Barry Lopez in Texas

Benjamin Franklin in Pennsylvania

Bernice Pauahi Bishop in Hawaii

Bess Streeter Aldrich in Nebraska*

Beverly Cleary in Oregon

Bil Keane in Arizona

Bill Clinton in Arkansas*

Bill Cody in Nebraska*

Bill Cody in Wyoming*

Bill Martin, Jr. in Texas

Bill Peet in Indiana

Billy Graham in North Carolina*

Black Elk in Nebraska

Booker T. Washington in Virginia*

Booker T. Washington in West Virginia*


Carl Sandburg in Illinois*

Carl Sandburg in Iowa

Carl Sandburg in Louisiana

Carl Sandburg in North Carolina*

Carl Sandburg in Wisconsin*

Carol Ryrie Brink in Idaho*

Carson McCullers in Georgia*

Charles Chesnutt in North Carolina*

Charles Dickens in Pennsylvania

Charles M. Schulz in California*

Charles M. Schulz in Minnesota*

Charles Marion Russell in Montana*

Charles Willeford in Florida

Charlie May Simon in Arkansas

Chester Gould in Illinois

Claude McKay in New York*

Clive Cussler in Colorado*

Coretta Scott King in Alabama*


Damon Runyan in Colorado*

Dashiell Hammett in California*

David Fairchild in Florida*

David Macaulay in Rhode Island

D.H. Lawrence in New Mexico*

Dori Sanders in South Carolina*

Dorothy Parker in California*


Earl Hamner in Virginia*

Edgar Allan Poe in Maryland*

Edgar Allan Poe in New York*

Edgar Allan Poe in Pennsylvania*

Edgar Allan Poe in Virginia*

Edgar Rice Burroughs in California

Edgar Rice Burroughs in Idaho

Edgar Rice Burroughs in Michigan*

Edith Wharton in Massachusetts*

Edna St. Vincent Millay in Louisiana

Edna St. Vincent Millay in Maine*

Edward Deming Andrews in Delaware

Edward Beecher in Illinois*

e.e. cummings in Iowa*

Elaine L. Konigsburg in New York

Ellen G. White in Michigan*

Elmore Leonard in South Carolina

Emily Dickinson in Massachusetts*

Emma Lazarus in New York

Eric Carle in Massachusetts*

Eric Sevareid in North Dakota*

Ernest Hemingway in Florida*

Ernest Hemingway in Idaho*

Ernest Hemingway in Illinois*

Ernest Hemingway in Louisiana

Ernest Hemingway in Michigan*

Ernest Hemingway in South Carolina

Ernest J. Gaines in Louisiana**

Ernie Pyle in New Mexico*

Erskine Caldwell in Georgia*

Eudora Welty in Mississippi*

Eugene Field in Missouri*

Ezra Meeker in Washington*

Ezra Pound in Idaho*


F. Scott Fitzgerald in Alabama*

F. Scott Fitzgerald in California*

F. Scott Fitzgerald in Kentucky*

F. Scott Fitzgerald in Minnesota*

F. Scott Fitzgerald in New Jersey*

F. Scott Fitzgerald in New York

F. Scott Fitzgerald in North Carolina*

Flannery O’Connor (Andalusia Farm) in Georgia*

Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home in Georgia*

Flannery O’Connor in Iowa*

Floyd Schmoe in Washington

Frances Hodgson Burnett in California

Frances Parkinson Keyes in Louisiana*

Frank Herbert in Washington

Fred Rogers in Pennsylvania*

Frederic Remington in New York*

Frederick Douglass in DC*

Frederick G. Ruffner, Jr. in Florida


George Merrick in Florida*

George Washington Cable in Louisiana*

Georgia O’Keeffe in New Mexico*

Gertrude Stein in California

Golda Meir in Colorado*

Gray Barker in West Virginia

Gwendolyn Brooks in Illinois*


Harper Lee in Alabama*

Harriet Beecher Stowe in Connecticut*

Harriet Beecher Stowe in Ohio*

Harriet E. Adams Wilson in New Hampshire

Harry Ransom in Texas

Harry Reid in Nevada*

Harvey Pekar in Ohio*

Hearst Castle in California*

Helen Keller in Alabama*

Henry David Thoreau in Massachusetts*

Henry David Thoreau in Michigan

Henry Miller in Louisiana

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in Maine*

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in Massachusetts*

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in Michigan

Henry Ward Beecher in New York*

H.L. Mencken in Maryland*

Homer Hickam in West Virginia*

Horton Foote in Texas

Hotel Elysee in New York

Howard Pyle in Delaware


Ina Coolbrith in California

Isaac Asimov in West Virginia


Jack Kerouac in California*

Jack Kerouac in Florida*

Jack Kerouac in Louisiana

Jack Kerouac in Massachusetts*

Jack London in Alaska*

Jack London in Central California*

Jack London in Northern California*

Jack Schaefer in Wyoming

James Baldwin in DC

James Fenimore Cooper in New Jersey*

James Madison in Virginia*

James Michener in Colorado*

James Michener in New York

James Michener in Pennsylvania

James Michener in Texas*

Dr. James Still in New Jersey*

James Willard Schultz in Arizona*

James Willard Schultz in Montana*

James Thurber in Ohio*

Janette Sebring Lowrey in Texas

Jesse Stuart in Kentucky*

Jimmy Carter in Georgia*

J.N. ‘Ding’ Darling in Florida*

Joel Chandler Harris in Georgia*

John Adams in Massachusetts*

John Grisham in Mississippi

John James Audubon in Florida*

John James Audubon in Kentucky*

John James Audubon in Texas

John Russell Bartlett*

John Y. Cole in DC*

John Denver in Colorado

John Dewey in Vermont*

John Gould Fletcher in Arkansas*

John Hope Franklin in North Carolina*

John F. Kennedy in Massachusetts*

John Graves in Texas

John Howard Griffin in Texas

John Grisham in Louisiana

John Grisham in Mississippi

John Irving in Iowa*

John Muir in Alaska*

John Muir in California*

John Muir in Wisconsin*

John Neihardt in Nebraska*

John Smelcer in Alaska

John Steinbeck in California*

Joseph Conrad in Pennsylvania

Joseph Downs in Delaware

J.R.R. Tolkien in Wisconsin

Julia Child in DC

Juliette Gordon Low in Georgia*


Kate DiCamillo in Minnesota

Katherine Anne Porter in Texas*

Kay Thompson in New York*

Kurt Vonnegut in Indiana*


L. Frank Baum in California*

L. Frank Baum in DC

L. Frank Baum in Kansas

Langston Hughes in Illinois*

Langston Hughes in Kansas*

Langston Hughes in New York*

Langston Hughes in Ohio*

Larry McMurtry in Texas*

Laura Ingalls Wilder in Iowa*

Laura Ingalls Wilder in Kansas*

Laura Ingalls Wilder in Minnesota*

Laura Ingalls Wilder in Missouri*

Laura Ingalls Wilder in South Dakota*

Laura Ingalls Wilder in Wisconsin*

Levar Burton in California

Lew Wallace in New Mexico*

Lewis Carroll in California

Lewis Carroll in Pennsylvania

Lloyd Alexander in Utah*

Lois Lenski in Ohio*

Loren Eiseley in Nebraska*

Louie Zamperini in California*

Louis Bromfield in Ohio*

Louis L’Amour in Colorado*

Louis L’Amour in North Dakota*

Louisa May Alcott in Massachusetts*

Louise Erdrich in Minnesota*

Louise Erdrich in North Dakota*


MacKinlay Kantor in Florida*

Margaret Lothrop in Massachusetts*

Margaret Mitchell in Georgia*

Margaret Sidney in Massachusetts*

Margaret Truman in DC*

Margaret Walker Alexander in Mississippi*

Marguerite Henry in Virginia*

Marguerite Henry in Wisconsin*

Mari Sandoz in Nebraska*

Maria von Trapp in Vermont*

Marianne Moore in Pennsylvania*

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings in Florida*

Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Florida*

Mark Twain in Connecticut*

Mark Twain in Michigan*

Mark Twain in Missouri*

Mark Twain in Nevada*

Martha Harding in Massachusetts*

Martha Munzer in Florida*

Martin Luther King, Jr. in Alabama*

Martin Luther King, Jr. in Georgia*

Mary O’Hara in Wyoming*

Matt Christopher in South Carolina*

Maud Hart Lovelace in Minnesota*

Max Brand in California*

Max Lucado in Texas*

Maya Angelou in Arkansas*

Maya Angelou in North Carolina

Meindert DeJong in Michigan*

Miguel de Cervantes in Pennsylvania

Miller Williams in Arkansas*


Nathaniel Hawthorne in Massachusetts*

Neil Simon in Colorado*

Nellie Bly in DC

Noah Webster in Connecticut*

Norman Rockwell in Massachusetts*


O. Henry in North Carolina*

O. Henry in Texas*

Ogden Nash in Maryland*

Ole Rolvaag in South Dakota*

Oscar Anderson in Alaska*

Owen Wister in Wyoming*


Pat Conroy in South Carolina*

Paul Laurence Dunbar in Ohio*

Paul Goble in South Dakota*

Pearl S. Buck in Pennsylvania*

Pearl S. Buck in West Virginia*

Phyllis Wheatley in Pennsylvania

Poore Family in New Hampshire*


Queen Liliuokalani in Hawaii*


Rachel Carson in Maryland

Rachel Carson in Pennsylvania*

Ralph Ellison in Oklahoma*

Ralph Waldo Emerson in Massachusetts*

Ralph Middleton Munroe in Florida*

Ray Bradbury in California*

Ray Bradbury in Indiana

Raymond Carver in Iowa*

Raymond Chandler in California*

Richard Hugo in Montana*

Richard Hugo in Washington*

Robert Frost in Florida*

Robert Frost in Iowa*

Robert Frost in New Hampshire*

Robert Frost in Vermont*

Robert McCloskey in Massachusetts*

Robert McCloskey in Ohio*

Robert Schuller in California*

Robert W. Service in Alaska*

Robert Louis Stevenson in California*

Robert Penn Warren in Kentucky*

Robinson Jeffers in California*

Rose Cecil O’Neill in Missouri*

Rubens Borba de Moraes of Rhode Island


Saul Bellow in Oregon

Sarah Orne Jewett in Maine*

Scott O’Dell in California

Sequoyah in Oklahoma*

S.E. Hinton in Oklahoma*

Sequoyah in Tennessee*

Shelby Foote in Mississippi*

Sinclair Lewis in Minnesota*

Sojourner Truth in Michigan*

Stephen Ambrose in Louisiana

Stephen Crane in Florida*

Stephen Crane in New Jersey*

Stephen King in Maine*

Steve Alten in Delaware*


Tennessee Williams in Florida*

Tennessee Williams in Louisiana*

Tennessee Williams in Mississippi*

Tennessee Williams in New York*

Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) in California*

Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) in Massachusetts*

Theodore Dreiser in Indiana*

Theodore Roosevelt in North Dakota*

Thomas Bailey Aldrich in New Hampshire*

Thomas Detter in Nevada

Thomas Jefferson in Virginia*

Thomas Merton in Kentucky

Thomas Wolfe in North Carolina*

Thornton Wilder in New Mexico*

Thornton Wilder in Wisconsin

Truman Capote in Alabama

Truman Capote in Louisiana

T.S. Eliot in California*


Upton Sinclair in DC


Waldemar Ager in Wisconsin*

Walker Percy in Mississippi*

Wallace Stevens in Connecticut*

Wallace Stevens in Pennsylvania

Wally Amos in South Carolina (coming soon)*

Walter Farley in Florida*

Wanda Ga’g in Minnesota*

Washington Irving in New York*

W.E.B. DuBois in Massachusetts*

Will James in Nevada*

Will Rogers in California*

Will Rogers in Oklahoma*

Willa Cather in Nebraska*

Willa Cather in New Mexico*

William Bradford in Massachusetts*

William Bradford Huie in Alabama

William Clark and Meriwether Lewis in Oregon*

William Faulkner in California*

William Faulkner in Louisiana*

William Faulkner in Mississippi*

William Randolph Hearst in California*

William Inge in Kansas*

William James in Massachusetts*

William Lutz in Nevada*

William S. Burroughs in Louisiana

William Saroyan in California

William Stafford in Oregon*

Willie Morris in Mississippi*

Wilson Rawls in Idaho*

Witter Bynner in New Mexico*

W.P. Kinsella in Iowa*

Wright Morris in Nebraska*


Zane Grey in Arizona*

Zane Grey in Ohio*

Zora Neale Hurston in Florida*

Zora Neale Hurston in Illinois*