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Our Team:

Our team includes educators, students, travel partners, and supporters stretching across the US. The ones above are from California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Maryland, and Ohio. We draw our writing, photography, and videos from on-location visits, discussions with each other and readers, and by following curiosity. We also do service projects to support literary landmarks whenever and wherever possible and are known for lively public speaking.

Special thanks to the John Corcoran Foundation for adopting us, making financial contributions to our mutual cause a breeze through our Give page.

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About Us:

Patricia Baron Smart founded Author Adventures and is one of its chief writers and photographers. She began her career as an assistant to philanthropist Frederick G. Ruffner, founder of the Literary Landmarks Association. She later became a founding partner of Los Angeles Times Reading by 9, Verizon’s Southern California Reads, and the Literacy In Media Awards in association with the Writers Guild Foundation while Executive Director of the Literacy Network of Greater Los Angeles. She is a past president of the Southern California Library Literacy Network and served for many years on ABC-CLIO’s American History Team, reviewing scholars’ proposals for history textbooks and databases.

Originally from Florida and now in L.A., she has served in executive and community relations capacities, regionally and nationally, for educational non-profits, public television, libraries, and schools, on both coasts. Currently, she is an editor for the John Corcoran Foundation and represents local literary arts on the Arts Council of Conejo Valley Board of Directors. She has a Master’s in Information Science (UCLA), a Bachelor of Science (University of Miami), book publishing credentials (Columbia University, University of Denver), and completed a year of studies at the University of Kent at Canterbury, U.K. She is a lifelong traveler to literary landmarks celebrating diverse traditions and an advocate for their preservation. Her day-job as an editor affords her the opportunity to generate national awards for writers, educators, producers, and innovators.

Rebecca Blake Beech is a partner and major contributor of writings and photography to Author Adventures with over twenty years of varied teaching experience. She has worked with at-risk high school students, been employed as a private ESL (English as a Second Language) tutor, and substitute taught in both public and private schools in greater Los Angeles.

An avid and award-winning volunteer, she has made living history presentations to hundreds of students in public, private, and homeschool settings, and taught ESL in LAUSD Adult School classrooms. As a student teacher, she taught ESL in a public school in Paris, France. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from UCLA and a Multiple Subjects Teacher’s Credential from CSULA. She has a special interest in literature sites in the Midwest, book-themed family trips, photography, and hosting and attending parties with literary and historical themes in her Los Feliz neighborhood.

Katherine Smart is the cartographer partner for Author Adventures and has written and contributed photography in several state sections including California, District of Columbia, New York, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Offered presidential scholarships by several universities in recognition of her work, she selected the American University School of International Service, Scholars Program for International Relations. She has spearheaded a literary magazine by and for teen readers and is a member of two national honor societies. She can frequently be seen as a browser at independent bookstores throughout Washington, D.C.

Additional contributors of writing, research, photography, and other resources are identified on the pages of their submissions.

For John Corcoran‘s incredible story, click here: My Story. You can also read a recent post about John Corcoran through BBC News.